The challenges facing the electricity sector due to climate change are occupying research as well as industry, politics and the media. The Fraunhofer Institute ISI and ETH Zürich would like to invite you to take part in „ClimateInnovation“ – a Europe-wide study of the strategic reactions of companies in the electricity sector to international climate policy. The objective is to better understand the innovation effects in the electricity sector in Europe due to the EU emission trading scheme and the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) of the Kyoto Protocol.

A. Introductory questions
B. New installations
C. Modernizations
D. Research and development
E. Organizational changes
F. New markets
G. Climate policy
H. Business environment
I. General information about
    your company
  A. Introductory questions
B. Markets
C. Research and development
D. Organizational changes
E. Climate policy
F. Business environment
G. General information about
     your company



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ClimateInnovation - November 2009